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  • Mini Courgette and Aubergine Pizzas


    These mini courgette and aubergine pizzas are a great success on Pinterest. Not very surprising, because what’s not to love? The mini pizzas are healthy but yet very, very tasteful! And maybe…

  • Broad Bean Risotto with White Fish


    To me, risotto is the ultimate comfort food. The preparing of risotto is already very comforting: stirring all the time, adding the stock bit by bit… It is relaxing. And how can…

  • courgetti-pesto

    Vegetable Pasta Pesto with Avocado Sauce

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    This recipe combines two of my recent food obsessions: spiralizing vegetables and roasting chickpeas. I think I said it several times now, but spiralizing veggies is just awesome. It makes every salad…

  • Cafe-phillies

    Cafe Phillies // Kensington


    On regular Saturday’s we’d like to include a visit to Cafe Phillies. This little cafe is located just off Kensington High Street and is open from 8am to 7pm for breakfast, brunch,…