Pink Beet Risotto with Carrot Crisps


Yes, I’m back again! The last couple of weeks were ma-nic at work. I noticed that I couldn’t write the kind of blog posts I wanted to and I didn’t want to add yet another thing to my endless to-do list. So I decided to take a short break from blogging.


Last Friday, after my event I was working so hard on, I made a new planning (trying yet again to make and KEEP a good blog planning) with many new recipes and tips for London. I have a lot of exciting plans, so hopefully a bit more time to execute those as well!

This beet risotto is a recipe I actually wanted to share before Valentines Day, because I feel it will be a great dish to cook for your lover someone who you wish is, because:

1. Firsty, it’s risotto. And I fall in love instantly with anyone who can cook a good risotto. Okay, not anyone…but you get the point. Risotto isn’t the easiest dish to make and mastering it will really impress someone.
2. Secondly, it’s risotto. The most tasty thing on earth (I’m into big statements today, can you tell?). It’s comforting, warming, cheesy…it’s pure love in a bowl.
3. It’s pink. I don’t know why, but the world decided that love is a girly thing and that all Valentines stuff should look super girly. So a pink risotto it is.

The great thing about this beet risotto is that is doesn’t only tastes wonderful, it looks great as well. The contract between the orange carrot, the green unions, the pink risotto makes it look very appealing. I added some hard goat cheese, but if you can’t find that, soft goat cheese will work as well.

Pink Beet Risotto

Pink Beet Risotto

  • 150g risotto rice
  • 150g cooked beetroot
  • 4 spring unions
  • 0.5l vegetable stock (from tablet)
  • 70-100g hard goats cheese
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tsp paprika powder
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Pepper and salt, to taste

Pre-heat the oven at 180C. Slice the carrot in thin slices. Toss them with olive oil, some salt and the paprika. Place on baking foil and bake for 20 mins, until crispy.

Chop the spring unions in small pieces and set half of them aside for garnishing later. Heat olive oil in a sturdy frying and gently fry until softened. Stir in the rice and cook until glazed.

Now add a bit of the stock, and stir every now and then until it has all disappeared into the rice. Carry on adding and stirring in a splash of stock at a time, until you have used up all the stock – this will take about 20 mins.

After about 10 mins, chop the beetroots in small pieces and add to the risotto. Keep stirring and enjoy the beautifulness of the colours!

Serve the risotto with some crumbled goats cheese, the carrot crisps, and some extra spring union.



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  • Reply Maris 19.02.2016

    <3 Risotto. Deze versie klinkt ook echt weer heerlijk.
    Laatst heb ik geprobeerd een soort van bieten risotto te maken maar dan met spelt. Best lekker, maar natuurlijk nooit zo lekker als echt risotto 🙁

    • Reply admin 20.02.2016

      Nee he! Ik haat laatst gelezen dat risotto zo romig wordt omdat er veel zetmeel in de rijst zit dat vrij komt bij het roeren. Andere soorten rijst of graan gaan dat natuurlijk nooit bereiken… hoewel ik zelf freekeh ook wel een lekkere “risotto” vindt opleveren!

    • Reply Gabriela 05.03.2016

      I stummbled upon your loelvy blog when I typed “what to make for dinner” into google, goody! Now I’m in love! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas, this is exactly what I needed! I live in Canada, so the season is a bit behind, but your ideas are still helpful. We had a horrible spring for gardening so everything is late this year. The only thing we’re eating from our garden is lettuce and herbs:-( The farmers market has tons of stuff ready though, I don’t know how they do it!!! Well that’s enough babbling for now. Consider me a devoted reader from now on! See you!

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