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  • Saffraan risotto met garnalen


    Als je deze week iets speciaals wilt klaar maken wat ook niet intens veel werk is of heel ingewikkeld, dan kan ik je zeker deze saffraan risotto aanraden. Saffraan is vrij duur,…

  • Paella with Seafood


    Doesn’t paella just creams summer? To me, it brings back memories of a summer in Spain. My family and I were staying close to Barcelona and I can still very vividly remember…

  • Pasta Pesto with Shrimps

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    This recipe is so freaking simple, I am not even sure if it deserves the title “recipe”. It more like: throw anything you’re currently craving in a dish and eat it. I…

  • Asian Barley Salad


    Spring’s heeeere! Well at least on your plate with this Asian Barley salad. Work is still quite busy, so quick but healthy meals are very welcome lately. I always try to keep…

  • Grilled Salmon with Kale pesto


    This recipe is so easy to make, I’m not sure if I can even call it a recipe. However, this salmon fillet from the oven tastes so delicious with so little effort,…

  • Quinoa Salad with Crayfish


    People often ask me where I find inspiration for recipes. They tell me how they find it extremely hard to come up with new dishes and therefore eat the same every time.…

  • Broad Bean Risotto with White Fish


    To me, risotto is the ultimate comfort food. The preparing of risotto is already very comforting: stirring all the time, adding the stock bit by bit… It is relaxing. And how can…

  • fish-curry-orange

    Curry Fish with Leek and Orange


    When I started to learn cooking, I often made something Italianish. To my opinion, when you want to learn more about cooking, this cuisine is great to start with. You often don’t…