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I already shared a little bit about Jamies Fifteen in my Month in Pictures. Jamies Fifteen was already on my bucket list for moths, and for our anniversary, Roel and I finally went.

Anyone who’s reading my blog sometimes, couldn’t have missed that I am a massive Jamie fan. I totally love his recipes and envy his career. I am probably the only one living in London who feels that way about him, because many British’ I know aren’t very fond of him. They say he’s a hypocrite making so much money while “pretending” to be such a goodie-goodie.

I personally think someone can be both philanthropical AND commercial and those two doesn’t have to clash. And genuine intentions or not, I just freaking love his food.

Jamies Fifteen

So, on Fifteen… to be short: it was a very pleasant evening. Fifteen is the type of restaurant where you’d go if you want to eat fancy, but not in an intimidating or over luxurious kind of way. The interiour is friendly and warm, and so is the staff. They wrote “happy anniversary” on our dessert plate which I found extremely cute.

And the food… wow, I could talk forever about that! It was just so good. We started with some oysters with rhubarb, cream and dill. I normally hate messing with classics like oysters, but this turned out great.


As a starter I had the burrata with asparagus. This was the part where I went absolutely mental of excitement. All those flavours combined perfectly together: the nutty of the malt and the asparagus, the soft and creamy-ness of the burrata. Roel had the crispy pig’s cheek with slow cooked egg, apple and kimchi. I was very intrigued about the combination of these ingredients, but according to Roel the flavours complimented each other and really worked together


As a main course I had the cod with Jerusalem artichoke and black truffle pickle. I honestly wasn’t blown away by this one, but maybe my expectation were too high after the starter. I felt like the flavours were a bit “flat”.

As a dessert the “happy anniversary” chocolate mousse which was just perfection.

I most certainly will come back here. I have so many people who will love this and I am sure that you will enjoy your night at Fifteen too.

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  • Reply Angelina 23.04.2016

    Wauw ziet er tof uit!!

    • Reply Roos 24.04.2016

      Jaa het was zó leuk! :):)

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