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Every Satuday, probably the coolest place to go in London is Broadway Market. Located close to London Fields, this market sells everything from cheese, to raw chocolate and from vintage clothes to homemade bath soap.

I was here a couple of Saturdays’ ago, on the first day this Spring where the temperature was above 10C. It was like whole trendy/hipster London had awoken from their winter sleep and headed down to Broadway Market – so many good looking people!


According to my friend who I was with, the market grew massively over the last years with even more and more stalls now. I really enjoyed spending the day there. Although it was insanely busy, everyone was super chilled (must be the sunshine) and the atmosphere was just so cool and relax. At the market street there are also many hip cafes and still some off license shops. It’s exactly this mix that makes this neighbourhood so “edgy”.


The food at Broadway Market was amazing. There were plenty of vegetarian options, even quite a few vegan ones. There were the more standard “burgers and falafel” kinda places you’ll always find at a food market, but also some more interesting things to try. And you could really tell that the market-men had a passion for their product.

Another thing I liked were the non-food products that were on sale. Most of them were extemely on trend with cactusses, coper picture frames and geometric-shaped posters. You could easily find a great gift here.


The last thing that was great about Broadway Market is the neighbourhood. I already touched upon this slightly, but I just like the “edgyness” of East London. Living in Kensington myself, going to East can be a welcome break from all the Bentlys, big sunglasses and small dogs. I don’t know if I would enjoy living there, but it’s surely a very nice area to spend the day.

So if you’re in London, make sure to visit Broadway Market. It might even be my favourite over Borough Market. And that basically says it all.

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