Vegan Chocolate Mousse

23.05.2016 | Breakfast | 1 comment

What: chocolate mousse for breakfast? Hell yes! With this silken tofu chocolate mousse there is absolutely no need to feel guilty about that. Not that you should when you eat real chocolate mousse for breakfast, but you get the point.


Stop being so healthy

A while ago I would have said “nahh, if you want it – just get the freaking real deal”, whenever someone suggested substitution one thing for something healthier. But my opinion has changed. Mainly because I stopped eating meat and since then I sometimes swap meat for “fake” products. I also try not to eat so much dairy (my belly doesn’t like that either), so I often use soy products for that instead.

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Homemade Focaccia with green pesto

17.05.2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I know I often say this with a recipe  “It’s actually very easy to make! – but I promise, this focaccia really is one of the simplest things ever. 


My sister always jokes how my mum and I always pretend that whatever we made was “just something I trew together”.  And honestly, sometimes I may underestimate how hard cooking can be when you’re not as passionate about it as I am. Read more

May in Pictures #1

15.05.2016 | My life in pictures | 2 comments

May in pictures… and some of April! I made the post of April before already, but totally forgot to post it – oops. So be prepared for many pictures! Probably like many of you I enjoyed the weather the last couple of weeks. I also went to Ghent with my sisters and, as always, enjoyed some good food.


One of the first real spring days, my friend and I went to Broadway Market. She actually stayed over the night before, when I cooked risotto and we enjoyed a couple (or a lot) of wines. It was my first time at Broadway Market and I absolutely loved it!

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Broadway Market

11.05.2016 | Hotspot | 0 comments


Every Satuday, probably the coolest place to go in London is Broadway Market. Located close to London Fields, this market sells everything from cheese, to raw chocolate and from vintage clothes to homemade bath soap.

I was here a couple of Saturdays’ ago, on the first day this Spring where the temperature was above 10C. It was like whole trendy/hipster London had awoken from their winter sleep and headed down to Broadway Market – so many good looking people!


According to my friend who I was with, the market grew massively over the last years with even more and more stalls now. I really enjoyed spending the day there. Although it was insanely busy, everyone was super chilled (must be the sunshine) and the atmosphere was just so cool and relax. At the market street there are also many hip cafes and still some off license shops. It’s exactly this mix that makes this neighbourhood so “edgy”.

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Asparagus “Carbonara”

08.05.2016 | Main course, Vegetarian | 1 comment

With the risk of causing another carbonara gate myself today, I’d like to share this “not-so-carbonare” recipe.

Seriously, have you heard about the carbonara gate, as the Guardian called it? You should read it – it’s hilarious. A French website posted a recipe for carbonara, cooked with farfalle, in one pot. And that’s not even the worst… they mixed it with a raw egg yolk, creme fraiche and onions.

No wonder that the original comment of the website’s sponsors was that he “took it too far”. He basically made the Italian’s worst nightmare – after hotdog pizza crust maybe.


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