Thing to do this weekend in London

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This weekend is officially the first summer weekend! Of course Brexit is on our minds, but let’s just drink away our sorrows and (hopefully) enjoy some sunshine.

Read on for tips on what to do this weekend. And because we all rather spend our money (or what is left of it!) on Pimms this summer, the activities are all free or at least very affordable. Here we go!

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Polenta with Green Asparagus and Mozzarella

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Polenta is a typical North-Italian dish, that used to be poor man’s food. But nowadays polenta, made of corn meal, is for everyone. Even some fancy restaurants serve it without shame. And no wonder: it’s relatively easy to make and doesn’t have a very strong flavour, which makes it very versatile.

According to some sources it’s even a aphrodisiac as well…


The first time I had polenta was actually in Italy and quite a story on its own. I was there with my ex-boyfriend; in Venice. We wanted to go out for dinner, but everyone who has even visited Venice  knows as well as we did, that most places are over-priced and super touristic.

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June in Pictures #1

14.06.2016 | My life in pictures, Personal | 2 comments

Didn’t you just LOVE the weather of the last weeks? I most certainly did! It was also a perfect timing, as we went to Cotswold. Read on to see what else I did!


R.’s parents came over for the weekend. Because they visited London before, we thought it was a good idea to take them to Bloakley, Cotswold. R.’s mum likes everything that’s “typical British” and the Cotswolds definitely are! At only 1.5 hours away from London, it feels like entering a different country. We started the weekend with dinner at a local pub.


On Saturday, R. took his father fishing so his mum and I went for a walk. We were planning on walking for an hour or so, but underestimated the route and in the end walked for over than two hours! No punishment though, with the pretty views. We ended with a nice lunch and a well deserved glass of wine.

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Udon Noodles with Steamed Vegetables

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Just like probably any foodie, I follow a lot of food accounts on instagram. I never really realised it until I was very hungry one day and nowhere close to actual food. The torture!

Udon Noodles

I also often screenshot dishes that look great and save them in my “to-cook” folder on my computer. As you can imagine, this folder is now bursting with dishes, waiting to be made.

These udon nodles with steamed vegetables is one of them. As always, I didn’t copy the originial recipe – I’m way to stubborn for such thing – but made my own interpretation of it.

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Duck & Waffle

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Duck & Waffle

Two weekends ago I finally went to Duck & Waffle. R. and I already tried going here since we moved (1.5 years ago!) but it never worked out. It’s almost impossible to get a booking here. You’ll have to book three months in advance and even then the places go sooner than you can say “Duck”.

Due to that, we made a booking two times already but had to cancel later because something else came up. I hardly know now what I’m doing next weekend, let alone be in three months!


Luckily, my friend who was over for our foodie-weekend set her alarm and make reservations for breakfast. I was so thrilled! The only problem with that was, that the expectations were maybe a bit too high. I mean, the food tasted great and the view was absolutely stunning… but I wasn’t as blown away as I expected. The service wasn’t good, which makes all the difference to me. But still happy we went though!


Duck & Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, which makes it the highest restaurant in the UK. It’s open 24/7 and comes with a dress code: no trainers, shorts or sportswear are allowed. They serve a fusion cuisine: a mix of modern Asian dishes with classic French. Absolute highlight was the foie grass crème brûlée with a pork crackling brioche. Heaven on a plate.